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I customize the more in-depth one-on-one coach programs for all of my clients.

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It's my mission to help women who've lost their child.  
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Early 2020 I'm releasing my new program... 
Out of the Fog: Proven Steps to Rebuild Your Life After the Loss of Your Child

I have some ready to go tools and resources for you below. Be sure to check back often, I'm frequently adding to library.


Inside you'll find 27 tips to help you get unstuck from your grief, embrace these occasions and learn unique ways you can remember and honor your child. 
Do you feel like you are hiding in the shadows of your own life, busy taking care of everyone else and your own dreams are lost? Take back your personal power now with this free video series!
In this free ebook, you'll discover if you've been holding yourself back in your life without even realizing it and what you can do about it so that you can life your life fulfilled and happy.


If you are stuck and unsure how to proceed in your life, this book is a must read. The philosophy of "Everything is Figureoutable" is absolutely one to live by.  [Amazon affiliate link.]
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