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Over the span of the last 15 years I have had the opportunity to talk on a variety of subjects ranging from sex to business to motivational topics and have always been able to keep the audience engaged and looking for more. 

I help women who have lost a child through the grieving process so you can rebuild your life, find some peace and be happy again.  This is come from my own loss in 1997 and what I've learned over the years to build the life I have now.

I am available to speak to your church, hospital staff, women's group or event on losing a child and moving through the grief to get to a place of joy.  My talk:  Out of the Fog:  Becoming Stronger on the Other Side of Loss  addresses this and the additional consequences of this loss that most people aren't aware of until they are in it.  Your guests will leave feeling acknowledged, empowered, supported and motivated to build a life that brings them joy.  All of this while remembering their child and living without guilt.  

To get information about speaking arrangements email Tara@TaraTruax.com today.
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