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I customize the more in-depth one-on-one coach programs for all of my clients.

The first step would be for us to schedule a phone call.  CLICK HERE to schedule your call.

The second step is for us to have a short conversation to discuss your needs and to be sure we are a good fit for each other.  If I'm not able to help you with your goals I'll refer you to someone who is.

It's my mission to help women be true to themselves and quit hiding in the background of their own lives.  If this is you then we need to chat!  Just click here!
Do you feel like you are hiding in the shadows of your own life, busy taking care of everyone else and your own dreams are lost?  Take back your personal power now with this free video series!
In this free ebook, you'll discover if you've been holding yourself back in your life without even realizing it and what you can do about it so that you can life  your life fulfilled and happy.
It's too easy to get lost in your day, struggling to get everything done and completely stressed out.  With this free ebook, you'll learn to love you day and how to more with less stress.
Struggling with getting your goals organized or even deciding what YOUR goals really are?  This 90 day goal planner will help to set you on the right path.  Comes with bonus affirmations too!
This digital time management journal will help to keep you organized right on your phone day in and day out!  Get it now and get a handle on your time right away!
Often we know what we want, but have no clear idea how to get started.   With Life By Design, you'll create a step by step plan in support of your goals so that you can actually reach them.
You Are a Badass 2 Book Collection by Jen Sincero.  This is a must read if you have any self-doubts at all.  And if you are here I know that you do.  

Marie Forleo does an excellent job with this book.  Yes, Everything IS Figouroutable and reading this book will get you on your way to doing just that.
If you are in business, this is a must read no matter which level you are at.  It explain so much regarding the systems needed to succeed  You can get it free through this link.
Happy Clients...

"I first met Tara Truax when she spoke at a local networking event about how to keep the momentum going in your business.  Since my session with Tara I am excited about the progress I have made and am completing my 3 goals per day!  Thank you Tara!”  

-  Stacey S.

Tara's coaching methods are full of PEP- precise, empathetic, and professional. She asked me pointed questions that forced me to look deeper into the foundational principles of my business. What I appreciated the most is how much she took great concern and interest into the immediate direction and future success of my business. Thanks Tara!

- Rob L.

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