Are You Tired Not Speaking Your Voice and Hiding in the Background of Your Own Life?
Great news! It doesn't have to be that way and I can show you how! See below:
Hi There!

Just a few years ago I was stuck in serious life rut and was not happy at all.  

This might sound familiar to you:

  * Get up.

  * Take care of kids and get them where they need to be.

  * Take care of husband and help him with his priorities.

  * Clean the house.

  * Go to work.

  * Come home and clean the house (how did it get dirty again so quick?)

  * Cook dinner.

  * Take care of animals (we had horses, dogs, chickens and cats at the time).

  * Check on mother-in-law... she lived 50 feet away from our house.  

  * Get things caught up for the next day, which is really a repeat of today. 


What's missing here?

Time to focus on my personal goals and dreams. My life was centered around everyone else's needs.

Don't get my wrong, I loved my family and loved raising my kids. But my goals and dreams were important too.

Can you relate to this?

Then my divorce happened and my youngest child had grown up and moved out.  

What was I left with? Nothing...  

So, it was at this point that I decided to change the focus of my business from helping businesses with their marketing to helping other women avoid going through the same mess I had gone through.

What I quickly learned though was that women, once they decide to make changes in their lives to focus on themselves too have no idea how to get started!

This is because their focus has always been on other people. Focusing on self was something that had be relearned.
This is why I created Life by Design and I know you are going to love it.

Life by Design is a do-it-at-your-own pace, self-study program...with some extra support from me as you need it.

It was created this way to enable you to spend as much or little time on each section (there are only 3!) and to allow me to keep the cost down.  

I can't help you if you don't move forward on this and this program is a great first step when trying to figure out what you want to focus on for yourself and how to get started.

You CAN pursue your own dreams without feeling like you are neglecting those important people in your life!
With Life by Design you will identify: 

• What the top priorities are for YOU to pursue (not influenced by other's wants), based on YOUR dreams.
• Why this matters to you on a soul level. This is important for when you get frustrated and want to give up.
• What hidden blocks have been in your way stopping you from achieving what you want in life AND how to remove them so that you can start to achieve your dreams.
• You'll end up with a clear, step by step, plan you can use daily/weekly/monthly and into the next three years so that you can make the right decisions in support of your priorities.
• Plus I've thrown in a few extra bonuses to help you along the way too!

That’s just a small sample of what you’ll get when you take advantage of this offer and I've found that these initial steps are critical to YOUR SUCCESS!

The really cool thing about Life By Design is how uncomplicated it is. 

I've broken it down into workable parts so that you can start living the life you want in just 3 weeks or less!
So stop ONLY taking care of everyone else and let your priorities become a bigger part of your focus. 
Dream big and make it happen!

Are you ready to get crystal clear on what exactly you want to pursue and why, clear the hidden blocks holding you back from what you want, AND come away with a plan you can follow to achieve your goals and dreams!

Simply fill out the form below right now.

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Plus, I will receive the following bonuses:
  • Daily / Weekly Affirmations
  • Self-Awareness and Why it Matters
  • Measuring Progress Worksheet
  • ​Step by Step Goal Action Plan Worksheet
  • ​Breakthrough You:  52 Ways To Dramatically Transform Your Life
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Life by Design

In this program you'll learn a proven 3-step system to take your life from feeling lost and hidden to understanding what to do next to make your life yours and dreams happen!

*** This will be delivered to you online, through your own private membership area.
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