Trauma is an odd thing.  

It can be devastating and at the same time create a strength in you that is unmatched.  

In today's world it is often celebrated to be a victim, but that only leaves you stuck.

Not only is it possible to turn your trauma into something great in your life, 
it's necessary.  

Don't let your pain be wasted. 

I've been there myself and can guide you to a place of strength, contentment and yes...even happiness!
I know you, because I've been you.

A quick summary of my trauma experience includes: sexual abuse as a child, a stalker, rape, an abuse romantic relationship and the loss of my twin baby.  Crazy huh?!?  It gets better...

One of my super powers is to find the silver lining in ANY situation and I've turned all of those experiences into my STRENGTH and as a result I'm HAPPY today.

Quit buying into the crap that tells you this is all there is to life.  
Quit buying into the crap others who want to hold you back are telling you.

The choice is yours
You can do nothing and continue as you have been; OR
you can make a decision for yourself and take one step forward.  

This is how it starts.

Push ahead, lean into the fear…
and claim your life of joy and purpose that is rightfully yours.
Which do you prefer?

 How to Get Through the Holidays, Birthdays & Anniversaries After the Loss of Your Twin/Triplet Child.

Use these great tips to help you manage these occasions with grace, joy and a wonderful way to honor who you've lost.
What to do next?
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Stop hiding in the background of your own life and CLAIM YOUR POWER NOW! 
I can help you release that side of you that’s just aching to get out and live your greatest life.
You are worthy of achieving what you want in life and I can help you do it because I’ve been there myself.
Meet your Mentor –
Tara Truax
It’s been a very bumpy road in life that has lead me to building a business that I love coaching and empowering other women. I have 3 adult children who live away from home, 1 child (my daughter's twin) that was stillborn, and one grandchild. I’ve had abuse in my childhood, a couple of divorces, both successful and failed businesses. 

My super power is that I can find the silver lining in ANY situation and I've done just that with all the tragedy in my own life.

I’ve taken what I’ve experienced to turned those into lessons I can share with you to help you live your best life.

Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of pretty awesome things in my life too! When I look back I smile and overall have had a happy life.  Now, I get to help other women take the strength from their trauma and use that to create a life they want.

The best years are just ahead. I’d love to hear your story and help you with this transition in your life and discover your “what’s next”.
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