You've lost your child and are now searching for something or someone to help you make sense of it all... 
- I totally get that.  

Below, you'll see several options to serve your needs, in addition to some free resources at the bottom.  

I started my child loss journey 22 years ago and have learned many things that I can now help you with so that you don't have to do this alone.  If you're not sure how to proceed you can also schedule a free 20 minute call with me by clicking  HERE to discuss what you are looking for.

I'm very sorry that you need to be here.  I promise you that there is happiness in your future if you want it. 

- Tara

Open to the first 10 people!
Out of the Fog:  Making Sense of Loss

This is a 12 week interactive coaching program that includes 6 modules to help you process and manage the different areas of your life that have been affected by your loss.  Each week is followed by a live Q&A.  Check it out now - space is limited!

Not sure how you want to get started?

Schedule a FREE 50-minute call to discuss your needs and options.  
Why is this free?  Well, it's because this is a delicate subject and it will take getting to know you and your story to see how I might be able to support you in the best way.

Just one coaching session can change your life.

This 45-minute session can be the difference in you feeling completely stuck in your grief and knowing what actions you need to take next to get your life back.  Sometimes all you need is a little direction from someone who has been there.

Are you looking for more than one 45-minute call, and want a mentor who will work with you and help you navigate the next weeks/months of this journey?

This time can be used to help you with daily decisions or to make a plan for you to move forward.  The time is yours; decide what you need.

Choose between 3, 6 or 9 hours of coaching that you can use in 15-minute increments so that you can get the guidance you are looking for.

Calls are done via Zoom, Messenger or Skype.


Inside you'll find 27 tips to help you get unstuck from your grief, embrace these occasions and learn unique ways you can remember and honor your child. 
You know that feeling when someone says something that just leaves you speechless?  It doesn't have to be that way - this guide has responses you can use, without feeling rude.
This journal is designed to help you get started writing to your child.  This will continue the connection, the conversation, with your lost child and enable you to find some peace.
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